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(My sister and I are at a Gelato shop. She is lactose intolerant so can only have sorbet. )

Sister: Hey, I’m really sorry but I’m about to ask a really dumb question.

Employee: What’s the question?

Sister: *In a really meek and embarrassesed voice* Is the chocolate sorbet dairy free?

Employee: … yes the sorbet is dairy free

(My sister is blushing profusely at this point and I’m trying not to laugh)

Sister: Sorry, I just have to ask! The last place I went to, the server confused sorbet with Gelato and I got really sick!

Employee: *laughing* No problem. This is definitely dairy free sorbet. Cup or a cone?

Sister: cone please

(We got our frozen treats and my sister’s was 100% dairy free!)

Prices Are Frozen

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(It is twenty minutes to closing. I’m ringing up a customer buying chocolate as her husband is almost literally drooling over the ice cream.)

Husband: “Excuse me. Do you give out your ice cream for free at the end of the night?”

Me: “Um, sorry. No, we don’t.”

Husband: “Aw, really? You should!”

Wife: “We should complain! Bring it up to your boss!”

(I awkwardly laughed and finished ringing them out and they left. I’m still trying to figure out what happened and why they thought we would give away something that doesn’t go bad overnight and is a frozen product.)

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The USA Has The Monopoly Over Currency

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(I live in Canada. I am with my dad at a local ice cream parlour. We are waiting to order when the woman in front of us starts yelling at the cashier.)

Customer: “NO! I want my change back in American! You hear me?! I don’t want any of your Monopoly money!”

(My dad looks over her shoulder and, sure enough, she is waving a red $50 bill in the cashier’s face.)

Dad: “Madam, I would be more than happy to take that off your hands.”

(The woman snatched up the money and left in a huff. Why is it that some people think they can get the same currency back when they’re in a foreign country?)

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Strawberry Sass Forever

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(Long story short, I end up returning temporarily to a job that I don’t like because they are desperate for help. I agree to help them for a month, but my first day back reminds me why I left retail in the first place. I start the day as usual, conducting general opening duties, and cleaning our really messy ice cream tubs from the night before, starting with strawberry on the very end. It requires us to pull the tubs completely out of the freezer to scrape them down and make them presentable. Two minutes into the store being open, elbow deep in this tub, I hear someone at my till by the freezers.)

Customer: “Hey, beautiful, how do you feel about making me a milkshake?”

Me: “…”

Customer: “I think I’ll have strawberry.”

Me: *looks at the tub and turns the big “STRAWBERRY” label out so he can see it* “Don’t have it.”

Customer: “You don’t have it?”

Me: “Nope. Don’t have it.”

(He ended up leaving with a scoff. Don’t be creepy, and you won’t get sass.)

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( I work in a Frozen Yogurt Shop and I always seem to be the person to get the odd customers. This particular instance I was still in training, so I wasn’t alone at the store when at any other time I would be. A woman walks in with her kids in the middle to summer at night. After buying her froyo, she goes out to our outdoor patio to sit and eat with her kids.)

Customer: Excuse me.
Me: Yes, Ma’am, may I help you?
Customer: Damn right you can help me! You people are disgusting. I’m going to call the health deparment on you!
Me: I’m sorry, what happened? We are typically very good about keeping this place clean. (We have never had less than a 100 for our health score)
Customer: You need to take care of your ant problem before they become a topping.
Me: Well, it is a hot summer night, and there have been others eating out on the patio, so the ants are looking for food. I’m sorry if they are bothering you, but you are welcome to come inside to finish your yogurt.
Custome: I will absolutely not! I’m taking my children elsewhere.
( At this point she asks for a refund on her already eaten yogurt.)