Because Taxes Are Such A (Ice) Scream

, , | Right | April 9, 2021

I work at a very well-known ice cream shop. The phone rings. 

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to file my taxes.”

Me: “Uh, ma’am, this is [Ice Cream Store]. I think you have the wrong number.”

Customer: “NO! This is [Tax Company]! I called you to do my f****** taxes!”

Me: “Ma’am, if you called them, you wouldn’t be talking to me right now, and I wouldn’t be telling you that this is [Ice Cream Store].”


Because Insurance Is Such A Scream

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Didn’t Do This In Order

, , , | Right | March 8, 2021

I am the customer and the person in the wrong in this story. It is around 8:00 pm on a rainy, late January day, and I stop by a well-known ice cream chain for their signature dish, choosing to use their drive-thru option. 

It is worth noting that this particular location’s drive-thru used to function by having the customer order, pay, and receive their food all at the same window. This method has been changed by adding a speaker at the menu board, and I am unaware of the change, so I wait in line until I get to the window and the server asks for payment.

Me: “Umm… I somehow forgot to order. I am so sorry!”

Server: “No problem, that’s okay! What can I get for you?”

I order, tripping over my tongue in my embarrassment, pay, apologize again, and wait for my food in awkward silence.

A minute later, the server opens the window and passes through my food.

Me: “Again, I am so, so sorry for this.”

Server: *Laughing* “It’s all right, man. Have a good evening.”

I rolled up my window and drove home, berating myself for my buffoonery the whole way. To the server who handled my mishap with such tact, thank you so much, and I hope the rest of your shift went without any more idiots like myself messing up the drive-thru line. You probably got some good laughs out of that!

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On The Need For Hazard Pay, Part 23

, , , , , | Right | February 11, 2021

A lady in her late fifties or early sixties comes in. She uses the bathroom and then leaves. Her daughter approaches me. She’s probably almost twenty.

Daughter: “My mom just went to the bathroom. I’m so sorry.”

She left with her mother. Concerned, I walked into the bathroom. The toilet — the entire toilet — including the surrounding walls and floor, was covered in poop.

My store does not have a bathroom janitor or someone who can be on bathroom duty, so I was forced to clean it up. It took my two other coworkers and me to clean it up. We definitely don’t get paid enough for that.

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Any Given Sundae, Part 7

, , , , | Right | February 3, 2021

It’s been raining since early this morning. I should note that our ice cream shop has no parking spots in front of the store; it’s too small of a lot. All spots are on the sides and in the back. We cannot ask customers to move their vehicles if they park in front, and that makes it kind of hazardous for people who park in actual spots.

A customer pulls up in front of the store and gets out of her truck. She then walks up, holding a coupon.

Customer: “Hi! Can I use this coupon on sundaes?”

The customer hands a coupon over. I look over it and read aloud to her that the coupon is for small, medium, or large dishes or cones, adding that sundaes do not count for the coupon.

Customer: “Okay! Then may I please have a [Sundae with pecans] and a [Popular Kids’ Sundae]. Oh! Does the kids’ sundae work with the coupon?”

Me: “No, ma’am. This coupon can’t be used on any sundaes. Just small, regular, and large cones or dishes.”

Customer: “Aww, okay. Then I’ll have…” *Looks at our flavor board* “…two kids’ cups of [Popular PB Cup Flavor], instead of the kids’ sundae.”

At this point, I gave up on life and gave the customer her ice cream and the popular pecan sundae she’d ordered. She ordered two KIDS’ dishes. The smallest the coupon would accept was a small. Our kids’ sizes are one scoop and small is two scoops. Thankfully, the rest of the transaction was fine and she left. I was left standing there wondering how people can’t understand what their coupons allow them to get.

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Wish He Was Buying A Cone Of Silence

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I work in an ice cream shop. We currently cannot accept cards due to a problem with the computers. It’s a problem that has been its own week-long ordeal, mostly unrelated to the meat of this story. The point is, however, that we have multiple signs posted.

A family comes in; a mum, a dad, and two kids. The mum orders three ice creams. When I give her the total, she tries to hand me a card. I explain that we can’t take cards right now and that she’ll have to pay with cash. She doesn’t look thrilled but agrees. To be helpful, I offer to keep her ice cream in the fridge while she goes to the cash point. She agrees and I put it in the fridge. I then get distracted by another customer but can see her talking to her husband in the background.

Suddenly, the husband approaches my till and throws down a handful of change.

Husband: “I have £2.50.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s £7.70, sir.”

Husband: “This is ridiculous. You should have signs up saying you can’t take cards.”

Me: “We do.”

I point to a sign right in front of him.

Husband: “Well, I didn’t see it! It should be in my line of sight!” 

He goes on a rant about how the signs should be specially placed where HE can see them.

Me: *Losing patience* “Sir, it’s still £7.70. There’s a cash machine just down the road.”

Husband: “I want to see your manager!”

Now, for most people, this is the worst possible thing that could happen. My managers are awesome, and I know they will recognize this man for the idiot he is being, so I fetch the nearest manager.

I explain the situation to the manager, and the husband starts his rant up again.

Husband: “There should be more signs than just that one up!”

He points at the sign by the card machine.

Me: “Sir, we have had plenty of customers today, and none of them have had a problem seeing the sign.”

Husband: *Very condescending tone* “I am talking to the manager! We are out on a trip, and I am not inclined to go back to the high street to go to a cash machine!”

He doesn’t want to pay… because he can’t be bothered to walk the two minutes it would take to go to a cash point?!

He then starts trying to convince the manager to let him leave without paying, offering to give the manager his contact details and swearing that he will come in tomorrow to pay.

Manager: *Gloriously sarcastic* “Sir, if you can’t be arsed to walk to a cash machine right now, do you really think we’ll believe that you’ll keep your word and come back to pay?”

The husband swears on everything from the Holy Book, to his mum’s grave, to the snow in Narnia that he WILL come back tomorrow. Just believe him! He WILL do it! His promises grow increasingly more outlandish the longer he talks and the longer manager just stands there with an immovable “no” face.

Me: “Sir, in the time we’ve been debating this, you could have been to the cash point and back, and on with your day.”

The husband is already talking over me before I’ve finished speaking.

Husband: “I am talking to the manager!

Me: “Yes, you are. And now I’m refusing to serve you.”

The man looks at the manager, looking a little gob-smacked.

Manager: “Don’t look at me. Either get your cash from the cash point, or get out. You’re not getting your cones until the entire total crosses my counter in cash.”

Husband: “But I only have £2.50 and I don’t want to walk all that way.”

Manager: “Sucks to be you.”

The man stares, slack-jawed, for a moment, then leaves.

Manager: *To me* “Watch the front. I’m sending an email up the ladder in case he complains.”

It was so nice to know that not all managers sold their souls when they got promoted. And no, we never heard about the incident again.

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