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(I work as an employee at a Dunkin Donuts,I had just stepped through the door when my co-worker sighed of relief and told me in our language “[ my Name], you’re here to save me”)

Lady in maybe her 40’s with what send to be her daughter that’s 19 at most.

Before I even clock in
Lady: I want three scoops in a cup
Me: Alright just one second miss
*Lady clearly annoyed that I made her wait an extra two seconds*
*give her ice cream*
Lady:I want a banana split
*I start making banana split*
Lady: I want a scoop of Jamoca (coffee)
Me: We don’t have that flavor right now bit we have Jamoca almond Fudge which is similar,would you like a sample?
*Lady makes a face and rolls her eyes but takes sample anyway, I continue making the banana split and she starts getting extra toppings *
Lady:I want a warm cookie sundae
*she goes to choose cookies*
Lady:”Are these the only cookies you have?”
Me:” yes”
Lady: “but it’s only noon”*checks watch*
Me : “We don’t our shipment till Friday ”
*Lady is annoyed chooses cookies,I make sundae*
Lady: I want a three scoop sundae but nothing with nuts my mom is allergic
Me:which flavors would you like
(I end up having to tell her No not that has nuts for a few flavors she wants even though allergens are listed next to the ice cream name, while everytime she repeats “no my mom is allergic to nuts”)
Lady: I see that if I get 2 or more scoops I get a free waffle cone
Me: “yes but that’s when you get it in the waffle cone”
Lady:*furious* “Well you didn’t tell me that before”
(i hadn’t made the 3 scoops of ice cream her daughter was holding which she was refering too, my co-worker had made that before I came in)
Lady’s daughter:Mooomm (she saw that her mother was being rude)
Lady:*turns red with anger* Be quiet I’m trying to do this *goes back to ordering and telling me she needs lids for all the ice creams when I hadn’t even finished making her mother’s sundae*

(Manager gives the okay to give her the waffle cone for free, she pays and leaves still a bit angery and annoyed, only says thank you when the manager gave her what she wanted, these were the first 15 minutes of my 8 hour shift that day)

Some Ice Cream For Your Bruises

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My favorite ice cream parlor is just about a twenty-minute walk from my house out of the residential neighborhood into a commercial area where two very busy streets intersect. Because of these streets, lots of drivers forget about the number of pedestrians in this area and just speed through.

On this particular day, I have just reached the parking lot of the ice cream store and am crossing it, totally legally. A car comes speeding across the parking lot and screeches to a halt — not before knocking me off my feet and onto the hood, however.


Me: *Bewildered* “I’m sorry! I—”

Driver: “F*** YOU!”

I limp away as quickly as I can with my bruised hip, before promptly realizing how dumb I was not taking his plate numbers. Feeling pretty down, I enter the parlor, where I’m a regular.

Employee #1: “[My Name]! Hey!”

Employee #2: “Are you okay?”

Me: “I got hit by a car on the way in!”

Employee #1: “Oh, my God! Where?”

Me: “In the parking lot.”

Employee #2: “I’m going to go ask [Boss] for the security tapes.”

Me: “Oh, no, it’s really okay—”

Employee #1: “And I’m going to sit you down and make you your usual. On the house.”

The boss was just as kind and concerned as the employees had been and ended up giving me two quarts of ice cream on the house. As it turned out, the guy who hit me had just stopped into the ice cream parlor himself! We couldn’t get his plates, but the employees assured me they would tell me if he came in again. I wouldn’t want to be that guy if they recognized him!

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Banana-Drama, Part 11

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This ice cream store is family-run and the owners are creative in naming their flavors, but they will always list the base ice cream; Vanilla Chip is vanilla ice cream, Banana Oreo is banana ice cream, etc. Out of the variety of flavors we have, the only ice creams that are yellow in colour are the banana ice creams.

Me: “Hi, can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, what is in the Banana-Rama-Ding-Dong?”

Me: “Oh, there’s peanut butter swirl and peanut butter cups in there.”

The customer looks down at the bright yellow banana ice cream.

Customer: “So, there’s no banana in the banana ice cream?”

Me: “…”

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(I work in a popular ice cream shop which typically has a lot of customers, especially in the summer. It’s been a long day and my brain is only properly comprehending how to scoop up ice cream.)

Customer: *walks in with his son, orders ice cream*

Me: *rings him up, total is $4.20*

Me: That’ll be four-twenty, please!

Customer: *hands me a ten dollar bill*

Me: *begins getting his change*

Customer: Oh! Here’s twenty cents!

By now I’m sorta peed off because he was a little bit rude in the beginning of when he came in, but I took the twenty cents hesitantly, dropped all of my change, and oddly enough, could not figure out what the heck I owe him. I pick up a five dollar bill and a dollar, and try to hand it to him.

Customer: Oh, no, no, the dollar is extra. It’s okay! It’s been a long day, don’t worry!

Me: … Okay! Have a nice day, sir. *I put the dollar back*

Five minutes later, guess who comes back?

Customer: Hey. You said the ice cream was four twenty, right?

Me: Yes, sir.

Customer: And I gave you ten twenty.

Me: *knowing where this is going* Yes, sir.

Customer: So you owe me..?

Me: *is kinda baffled with the fact that he’s testing my math skins on a burning hot day while there are customers waiting* Uh…

Customer: Hmm? *awkward silence* You owe me a dollar!

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. It’s been a long day. Give me just a moment!

I walk over to my coworker who is working the register at the moment, and I open the register with the key right when she finishes. I grab the dollar and give it to the guy. He seemed really upset with the fact that I tried to give him his change at first and he didn’t take it.

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The ice cream store I work at doesn’t have sample spoons so we just use regular spoons. This lady comes in and asks for two different samples before deciding. As I’m walking away from her she holds out the spoons over the counter in the way customers sometimes do that indicates that they’re too important to throw away their own trash (I’m only here to serve you ice cream people!) but doesn’t say anything. I ask her if she wants me to throw them away and she says yes so I do and then go to scoop her ice cream. When I come back to give it to her, she asks for a spoon!