Locked Into A Painful Show Of Deduction

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(I am sat outside a restaurant, waiting for my friend. I notice a guy in his 50s walking up to a car. He tries to open the passenger door, but it is locked. He then looks inside, and tries the door again. Again, he has no luck opening the door. I’m wondering if he owns the car or if he is trying to break into it. He then tries to open the driver’s door, and it opens. He only opens it a couple of inches and then closes it. He does this three more times, and then his wife comes out.)

Man: “Do you have the keys?”

Woman: “No, where are they?”

Man: *checking his pockets* “I don’t have them. The driver’s door is unlocked, and the car won’t let you lock it if the keys are still in it.”

Woman: “Well, they must be in the car. Did you look?” *on the passenger side* “I can see them; they are still in the ignition.”

Man: “Oh, I didn’t think to look there.”

(They got in the car and drove off, leaving me to wonder if he should have been driving at all, if he A: couldn’t remember to take his keys out of the car, and B: didn’t think to look in the ignition, knowing the door wouldn’t lock if the keys were in.)

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