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Kids’ Movies Cost An Arm And A Leg

, , , , | Right | August 13, 2010

(A mother and her very young daughter approach the counter. She puts down ‘Princess Mononoke’ and begins to get out her card.)

Me: “I’d just like to point out while this is an excellent movie, it’s probably something you’d be uncomfortable with your daughter watching.”

Customer: “Why? It’s just a princess cartoon!”

Me: “It’s actually quite violent; it deals with a lot of complex subjects, and has scenes with realistic sword fights. There are several dismemberments in the first few minutes. But I can recommend several other movies by the same animation studio that both of you could enjoy.”

Customer: *slightly taken aback* “Um, yes, that sounds like a good idea. I wouldn’t want her to be scared.”

Customer’s daughter: *to me* “What’s a dismem-peppermint?”

Customer: “Don’t answer that!”

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