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12 Stories About Parents Taking Their Kids To An R-Rated Movie

| Right | September 18, 2020

Dear readers,

Most of us know that R-rated movies and M-rated games are marked as such for a reason; parents can make informed decisions about what kinds of mature themes their children can be exposed to.

…And then there are these parents,  who we fear might have to pay for therapy for their kids for years to come. Rounded up below, for your shocking reading, are twelve stories about parents that should know better!


A Mother With Breast Intentions – Boobs are fine. But what about murder?

A Not So Pregnant Pause For Thought – Hits from the comments: “Way to get lazy with your lies, customer!”

We Prefer Not To Watch Dr. Manhattan’s Project – Well, he could wear shorts, I guess…

Yes To Dismember, No To His Member – The penis that broke the camel’s back…

Kids’ Movies Cost An Arm And A Leg – It’s not your average “Princess” film, that’s for sure.

They Grow Up (And Get Incarcerated) So Fast, Part 2 – When you use games as babysitters, who cares what they teach?

Rated C For Child Welfare – There are definitely things that are illegal to do with your children. Yikes.

Family Values – What a waste of very expensive popcorn!

When Presumptions Meet Postmodernism – Wait until they meet Doctor Manhattan.

Can’t Count On His Trust – Not just liars, but dumb ones.

Ah Fathers, Part 4 – A different kind of story where the parent is trying to do the opposite of everyone else on this list!

Don’t Kid Around About Sex And Violence – And finally, a bonus story about a series that contains no sex or violence, but apparently, it should?


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about bad parents! Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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