It’s Not Enough That Everything Has To TASTE Like Chicken…

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: ashleyo332 | October 27, 2020

The grocery store I work at makes rotisserie chickens. We package them whole and they sit in a heated display. A customer comes up to me.

Customer: “This smells funny.”

Okay, maybe it’s the heated plastic smell from the packaging?

Me: “What does it smell like?”

Customer: “It… it smells like… chicken!”

I stare at her for way too long before my brain manages to blurt out:

Me: “Ma’am, it is a chicken.”

She just chuckles and puts it back!

My coworkers tease me the rest of the day, coming up to the display and saying the salami smells like salami and the sandwiches like sandwiches…

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