It’s Going To Be A Long Game

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(This story takes place on a Sunday in Texas, where the state law forbids stores from selling any form of alcohol before noon on Sunday. I am running the register around 10:30 am when I see a group of 20- to 25-year-old guys approaching with a few cases of beer, coolers, and the related.)

Me: *without even touching the beer* “I’m sorry, but I cannot sell you that right now.”

Customer #1: “Why not?! We’re all of age!”

Me: “State law prevents us from selling alcohol be—”

Customer #2: *shoving his ID in my face* “But we are all of age!”

Me: “Age is no issue; it’s before noon on a Sunday, and sta—”

Customer #1: “What the f***?! Just ring us up already!”

Me: “If I could, I would. However, sta—”

Customer #3: “Just get your manager if you’re too young to sell it, then!”

Me: “I am 22 years old, but it makes no difference. I cannot sell you beer be—”

(All of them start to try to make a scene. Giving up and trying a different route, I try to scan one of the cases of beer, knowing that the register will block it.)

Register: “SALE PROHIBITED 1:00 AM TO 12:00 PM SUNDAYS.”


Me: “No, sir. I scanned one of them to show you that I cannot sell it. Please re—”

Customer #1: *rattles off his birthday without showing me his ID*

Me: “I’m not asking for your age. Please re—”

Customer #2: “F*** this! We’ll just get it from down the road!”

Me: “Good lu—”

Customer #1: “F*** YOU!”

(The group leaves, dropping one of the cases on the counter, causing it to explode and spray EVERYWHERE, including on me, before running off. With a sigh, I start to get some paper towels only to have a manager that saw everything approach.)

Manager: *as he’s helping me clean* “Today the Cowboys and Texans are playing, just to let you know… and it’s a noon game.”

Me: “Crap, that means we’re going to be going through this all morning.”

Manager: “You want to take a break? I’ll clean this up and we’ll mark down some new clothes so you don’t smell like beer all day.”

(Sure enough, during the 90 minutes from this ordeal to noon, I had similar encounters turning away about five or more people wanting to get drinks for their game day parties and gatherings. Thankfully, nothing near as bad as that first group.)

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