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It Starts With Hurricanes And Then It Gets Worse, Part 3

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This is a follow-up to this story. Hurricane Irma tore our store’s roof off. The business owners and I are now inside the store, trying to salvage what we can.

We’ve got two trailers outside in front of the entrance. We positioned them so you can’t get to the entrance without stepping over the hitch. We’ve taped off the area with yellow caution tape.

The power is off. It’s about ninety-five degrees F inside. A good two inches of water is standing stagnant on the floor. Ceiling tiles and insulation are hanging and periodically falling to the floor. 

Everything smells like wet death.

I look up from what used to be my desk to see a woman, standing in the middle of what used to be our lobby, holding a box.

Customer: “Can I get this shipped out?”

Not completely convinced I’m not seeing things, I slowly shake my head no. She turns around and walks out. The owner sees her climbing over the trailer hitch to get out with her box. 

Store Owner: “You have got to be s***ting me!”

This Story Starts With Hurricanes, And Then It Gets Worse, Part 2
This Story Starts With Hurricanes, And Then It Gets Worse

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