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Is Anyone Else Itchy?

, , , , , | Learning | November 9, 2020

During autumn, head lice spread easily between kids at school when they start to use bonnets. Therefore, their parents receive a letter informing them about the problem and telling them that it is strictly forbidden for kids with head lice infestations to come to school.

One teacher notices that a kid in sixth grade was infested. The kid is sent to the sick room and the secretary phones his mother.

Secretary: “Hello, this is [Secretary] from [School]. I am sorry to tell you that your kid has head lice and you must fetch him immediately.”

Mother: “I know, but I can not come. I sent him to you so I can disinfect my home. You will have to wait until I am finished!”

This mother didn’t come to school to take her kid for more than two hours. The headteacher tried to give her a telling off, but there was no sign of guilt from the mother.

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