He’s Not That Sharp, But He’s Got A Point

, , , , | Learning | November 7, 2020

When I am a student, I am in the Territorial Army — the UK equivalent of the US National Guard — and every summer, we go away for a two-week training camp, usually in the south of England.

During one particular camp, we are preparing for a large field exercise, and some of us are helping the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) prepare a couple of “enemy” weapons — used AK47s and other Soviet-era weapons, adapted for blank firing and used by “enemy” soldiers during exercises. The RSM is showing us two specimens: a Soviet AK47 and a Chinese copy, the Type 56 Assault Rifle.

RSM: “Okay, so this one on the right is a Soviet AK47, and the one on the left is a Chinese AK47, also known as the Type 56. Does anyone know what the difference is?”

Private: “Sir, the Chinese one says, ‘Made in China,’ on the side!”

We all roar with laughter. Grinning, the RSM looks the private in the eye.

RSM: “Don’t be such a f****** smarta**, [Private]!”

The difference, in case anyone was wondering, is that the Type 56 has a folding bayonet underneath!

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