Is Anyone Else Itchy?

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During autumn, head lice spread easily between kids at school when they start to use bonnets. Therefore, their parents receive a letter informing them about the problem and telling them that it is strictly forbidden for kids with head lice infestations to come to school.

One teacher notices that a kid in sixth grade was infested. The kid is sent to the sick room and the secretary phones his mother.

Secretary: “Hello, this is [Secretary] from [School]. I am sorry to tell you that your kid has head lice and you must fetch him immediately.”

Mother: “I know, but I can not come. I sent him to you so I can disinfect my home. You will have to wait until I am finished!”

This mother didn’t come to school to take her kid for more than two hours. The headteacher tried to give her a telling off, but there was no sign of guilt from the mother.

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(I’m the idiot in this story. When I was nine, we visited family in Munich. The day before we left, we were at a riverbed with tons of rather big stones. My brother and I, both avid rock fans, picked up a few and I put them in my backpack. Keep in mind, these things are at least 15 centimetres long. You could probably kill someone with a little skill or some bad luck with these things. The next morning at the airport, I have this very backpack with me as my carry on.)
X-ray operator: “Excuse me, young lady?”
Me: “Yeah?”
X-ray operator: “Do-do you have STONES in your backpack?”
Me: “… yeah?”
X-ray operator: “You know that you’re not allowed to take these with you, right?”
Me (turning bright red): “No? Oh, Sorry. Should I… just leave them here?”
(At this point, my mom is already laughing so hard she tears up a little. The operator takes pity on poor, awkward me…)
X-ray operator: “You know what? Keep them. Just promise to be extra careful with your bag and remember not to bring stones next time you fly, okay?”
(Thank you, lady, for letting me keep my approximately two kilograms of rock souvenirs!)

Cycling Through The Law

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(I’m stopping my bicycle at a red light. This is the lawful procedure here, of course, though I’m aware that many cyclists think it somehow doesn’t apply to them. Another cyclist stops next to me; it’s nice to see someone do it right. It looks like a student on her way home from uni. Then, a third cyclist wobbles around us, through the red light, and across the intersection. Luckily, the crossing traffic is also slow and it’s only a bit awkward when a car has to stop because of this, not really dangerous.)

Girl: *on the bike next to me* “Oh, look, that’s my law professor!”

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(I am a cashier at a big grocery store, we have 3 whole stories, on 2 of which the check outs are located. We have to always ask the customers, who are buying veggies, about the specific type of the veggie, whether it is organic, the store brand or some other brand, to specify the price, because it is not always stated on the certain product.)

Customer: (buys some items along with 2 mangos, of which we have 3 kinds of. His werent labelled, so I had to ask him which ones he had picked.)

Me: Excuse me, but are these the organic mangos or the normal ones from the other side of the isle?

Customer: Wait, WHAT?! Are you seriously asking ME, what kind of mangos there are??!!

Me: Well, yes?…

Customer: Well, YOU are supposed to know these things! How can I buy something that you don´t know about?

Me: They are not labeled so i need to know which ones they are.

Customer: Aren´t you being schooled on such things?! (as a parttimer, although I have been working for more than 4 years for the same store, you get a one-day-training by a senior coworker and that´s it, but I doubt this guy knew that) Well, I dont want to buy them anymore!

Me: I just need you to tell me if they are organic or not!

Customer, screaming: I´m not buying them anymore! (He proceeds to rush out of the store, leaving his items behind. I had a good chuckle with my coworkers after that.)

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(I’m working at a hotel where Bar and Restaurant share theire space. I’m serving the restaurant area alone, while two other servers are taking care of the bigger bar area. The à la carte Restaurant itself has only 12 tables, 11 of them were allready taken and one is allready reserved for the CEOs of a VIP group which is meeting in the hotel. Due to theire status as a VIP the reservation was fixed all over the evening and not for a certain time windows as usual. A new Guest enters the Restaurant.)

Me: “Good Evening Sir! How May I help you?”

Guest: “I’d like to have a table for one person.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but we’re completly booked out at the moment. You could take a seat in the Bar area which has a decent food menu as well.”

Guest takes a seat at the Bar and is served by a collegue. I allready forgot about the situation when he’s approaching me again after 30 minutes or more.

Guest: “The table is still free”

Me: “I’m sorry sir but it is still reserved.”

Guest: “You should have given me this table. When was the reservation?”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but this table is reserved and I’m not allowed to tell you information about time and date.”

Guest: “You should have given me the table! This is a mistake! There are other tables free!”

(The tables still had dirty table clothes, silverware and glasses since the guests had left recently)

Me: “Yes there are now, since other costumers have paid and left. If you’re still interessted I can get you a fresh table in 5 to 10 Minutes.”

Guest: “I’ve allready eaten! You should’ve given me this table! There is nobody!”

Me: “I’m sorry sir but this is a VIP Reservation which I’m not allowed to give away until further notice.”

Guest: “This was your mistake! And I want my check now! How could you do something like this?”

Me: “I’m sorry again sir, but i’ll tell my colleague that she’ll prepare your check.”

A couple of minutes later my colleague takes me to the side and asks what happened with him, since he wrote “How do you even dare to?” in the TIP-Field.