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If We Had A Nickel For Every Time We’d Read This Lie…

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: DensitySquared | June 20, 2021

I work as a leasing agent for an apartment complex. The owner is a fantastic guy, but he is always super late to every meeting and never has any keys to the building on him. One day, he needs to come by and pick up some tax stuff, but naturally, he is running really late and my manager can’t stay to wait for him, so I’m waiting for him after hours with the door unlocked when a car pulls up and two people get out.

I’m at the front desk, so immediately I let them know that we’re actually closed, but the lady cuts me off and demands to see an apartment right now. That’s not how it works here. As I explain to her, I can’t ever show an apartment without someone in the office (safety), and we’re actually completely out of apartments to lease.

The lady stares me down and insists that we definitely do have apartments available and that I will show her one right now. Nope. I don’t budge. I can’t; we don’t have apartments and I can’t leave the office anyway.

So, the lady tells me, in the most condescending way possible, that the owner is one of her best friends, he has promised her an apartment, and if I don’t show her one right now she’ll have my job.

And guess who pulls up right at that moment?

The owner. I swear I could hear the cosmic laughter.

I look at the owner’s brand-new best friend, smile as big as I can, and chirp, “Oh, what good luck! That’s the owner right there! We can ask him about that apartment he promised you and get it all cleared up!”

She looks outside, looks back at me, and bolts out of the office.

The owner comes in and asks about her, so I tell him that she is one of his best friends, obviously. He just chuckles and tells me that he’d never promise an apartment to anyone without telling us first. And that he’s never seen that lady before in his life.

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