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If He Can’t See The Scrolls He’s Gonna Get Biblical

, , , , | Right | November 3, 2021

We have an exhibit featuring the actual Dead Sea Scrolls. It’s our busiest and most popular exhibit in ages with people traveling from all over to see them. Whereas typically, we don’t sell out of tickets until an exhibit is close to ending, this one sold out months before it closed.

A month or two after the exhibit has left, a man comes in.

Guest: “I want a ticket to see the scrolls.”

We politely informed him that that exhibit had left. He yelled and fussed and demanded we sell him a ticket anyway, and when we repeatedly told him it was impossible, he kicked the ticketing desk and stormed out.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of customers making impossible demands, but I don’t know how he expected us to suddenly produce an ancient holy relic that was at this point on the other side of the world. Did he think we just had them stuffed in the backroom?

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