If At First You Don’t Succeed, Ask, Ask Again

| | Right | July 9, 2008

(I’d just finished helping a customer pick out everything she needs to start oil painting.)

Customer: “Do you sell drop cloths?”

Me: “I’m sorry, no. We don’t even sell anything like that.”

Customer: “Well, what about tarps?”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t sell those, either.”

Customer: “Do you have any plastic sheeting I could lay on my floor, in case my oil paint drips?”

Me: “No, ma’am.”

Customer: “What about vinyl sheeting?”

Me: “With all due respect, I answered your question the first time you asked it. It doesn’t matter how many times you reword your question, we simply don’t have what you’re looking for.”

Customer: “Well, do you have anything similar?”

Me: “…”

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  • Trillium

    NAW and NAR have plenty of stories where people don’t know two simple words mean same or similar things.

    That said, why does she need to BUY something for that? You can use old newspapers, jeez. Even… no, not “even”, ESPECIALLY is you buy it all just to make “look, I’m a painter!” selfies! Old newspapers on the floor, stained with oil paint drops look very artsy!