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I Pray For You… To Respect My Wishes

, , , , | Friendly | May 6, 2019

(I always have some sort of health issue, which often comes with pain. It’s no big deal by now, but new friends tend to overreact about it. I usually appreciate the concern.)

Friend: “I’ll pray for you to get better!”

Me: “Please don’t! It’s against my religion.”

Friend: “What kind of religion is against prayer?”

Me: *already dreading where this is going* “Mine. So please don’t.”

Friend: “But I want to.”

Me: “But I don’t want you to.”

Friend: “But prayer isn’t bad! I’m sending you good vibes. I’ll pray for you, anyway.”

Me: *sighs* “Look. I asked you not to, so your prayer would turn into a negative energy curse. It would do the opposite of what you want and make me sicker. Please don’t do it.”

Quickly-Becoming-Ex-Friend: “That’s absurd! How could my prayer turn into a curse?!”

Me: *losing temper* “How could it not?! Is this prayer for me or for you?! I asked you not to pray. I made a simple request. Honor it, or get out.”

Ex-Friend: “Fine!” *muttering* “I’ll pray for you anyway, a**hole.” *louder* “Because I’m a nice person!” *leaves*

(I spent the weekend in pain.)

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