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How Dare You Pay Attention To What I Say!

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(I work at a fast food restaurant, which offers certain boxed meals intended for groups of people. The meals have sides included, but you can swap the sides for different sides or for drinks. A customer comes in one night reasonably late.)

Customer: “I want [boxed meal], but instead of fries, I want [drinks].”

Me: “No problem! Here are your drinks, and your meal will be ready shortly.”

(We make the meal for the customer, and she leaves happy. Ten minutes later, she’s back and upset.)

Customer: “I just ordered a meal from here, and I didn’t get any fries!”

Me: *a little confused* “Can I see your receipt?”

(She hands it over, and I’m right; it’s the same customer that wanted the swap.)

Me: “Okay, you ordered the [boxed meal], and you swapped the fries for drinks. I personally handed you the drinks, so I’m afraid I don’t see the issue.”

Customer: “I want fries!”

Me: *ringing up the two large fries that would normally be in the boxed meal* “Okay, that will be [total].”

Customer: “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEAN! Most of the time, when I come here and substitute the fries for drinks, I still get the fries!”

Me: “I see. Well, while we might make the occasional mistake when it comes to substitutions, I’m afraid that swapping an item usually does mean swapping. You don’t get both.”

Customer: *storming away* “I wouldn’t have come here tonight if I had known you would be paying attention!”

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