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In Hot Water Now

, , , | Working | May 3, 2018

Sister: “Let’s order an appetizer! The calamari is always good. Remember?”

Me: “Okay!”

(It arrives and I dig in. There’s a green pepper on it, which I eat, and it turns out that it’s a jalapeño! Spicy foods give me a bad allergic reaction, so I grab my ice water. I grab my sister’s water, too, and down it.)

Waiter: *trying not to giggle* “So… I see that you’ve tried our calamari.”

Me: *through chokes* “When did the recipe change?”

(The cook had changed the green peppers to jalapeños, and they forgot to update the menu saying this. At least the waiter apologized and gave me free WATER! Yay… We haven’t been back. I had to go around for weeks looking like I had fought Mike Tyson.)

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