Gotta Buy Them All

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(I love Pokémon. A popular fast food chain has just started giving away Pokémon toys with their kids meals — it is possible to buy the toys separately, though not many people seem to know this — and I am on a mission to collect them all. I have seen the official staff document stating that four designs are being released each week for four weeks, and I have timed my visit so that I can purchase the designs from week two, having purchased week one’s designs a few days previously. I walk up to the counter where a manager is currently serving.)

Manager: “Hi, what can I get you?”

Me: “Hi, do you know if you have the week-two Pokémon toys in yet?”

Manager: “I’m not sure; let me check. Do you know which ones they are?”

Me: “Well, yes, but unless you know they’re names and what they look like, it may just be easier to bring them to me.”

Manager: “Oh, yeah, I haven’t got a clue about that kind of stuff.”

(The manager sends a younger colleague off to check the toys. She returns with all four designs from week one.)

Me: “Oh, sorry, these are last week’s designs. I already have these. Did you not get the new ones in?”

Manager: “[Colleague], go and see what’s in the box out back.”

(The young colleague disappears out to the back of the restaurant. I move aside to let the manager serve the line that’s formed behind me. The colleague returns about a minute later with all four of the week two designs.)

Colleague: “I found these. Are they the right ones?”

Me: “Yes, that’s perfect. Can I please have a kids meal and purchase the other three designs on their own?”

Colleague: “Sure, which three designs would you like?”

Me: “…”

Colleague: “…?”

Me: “I get a toy with the kid’s meal, so I get all four designs, right?”

Colleague: “Huh? Oh, yeah…”

(She picks up the toys and turns to put all four in a meal box. Then, she stops, turns back, and stands there holding the toys for a few seconds, looking very confused.)

Colleague: “Here. I guess I’ll just give these to you.”

Me: “Thanks?”

(The young colleague completes my order and hands me my receipt with my order number on it. The manager on the next till has finished serving and turns to me.)

Manager: “Pikachu! That’s the yellow guy, right?”

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