He’s All Mouth, No Bank Account

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(I am working at the service desk when a man who looks old enough to be my father comes up. I am the only one working at the desk, and he is the only customer around. He throws a reloadable money card on the countertop.)

Me: “Hello there. Reloading?”

Customer: “Withdrawing.”

Me: “How much?”

Customer: “$20.”

Me: “Thank you. The screen out there will ask you to enter your PIN.”

Customer: “Why does it ask for the PIN when I’m putting money on?”

Me: “For security purposes, I suppose.”

Customer: “Who’s going to put money on someone else’s card?”

Me: *small laugh* “That’s a good point. If someone wants to give me money, I’m okay with it!”

Customer: *grins* “Yeah? What would you do for that money?”

Me: “Uh. I… I…”

Customer: “Because I can give you some money, but you’ll have to earn it.”

(The printer starts printing, so I automatically reach out for the paper. The man grabs my wrist and holds on. I feel a moment of panic quickly replaced by anger.)

Me: “Let go.”

Customer: “Don’t you want to earn some more money?”

(I take a deep breath and pull my wrist out of his hand, bringing the receipt with me. I look down at the paper and a small laugh escapes.)

Customer: “What?”

Me: “After depositing your $20, your current balance is -$74.”

(I slide his receipt and card across the counter. The man turns bright red and snatches his belongings, accidentally flinging his card across the floor in the process.)

Customer: “That was rude. You need to learn how to talk to customers.”

Me: “You need to have money before you offer it to someone else. Have a nice day, sir.”

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