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He Blows Other Instructors Out Of The Water

, , , , , | Working | October 8, 2021

I’m going white-water rafting for the first time. The instructor, who’s a baby-faced twenty, decides that we’ll do the easiest river. We go and put on our life jackets and get on the raft and paddle out.

Everything’s fine until, all of a sudden, the raft jerks forward really fast and hits a bump. I go flying out and smash into a rock, elbow first. The instructor begins to laugh maniacally and paddles out to grab me and put me back into the raft, along with others that have flown out, too.

Instructor: *Laughing* “You should’ve seen your faces! I wish I could’ve gotten it for my Instagram.” *Giggles*

Me: “It’s not funny. My arm really hurts!”

This seemed to mollify him, and the rest of the trip was quiet. I went home and wrote him a bad review. Really, do people think others getting hurt is so funny? Luckily, my arm wasn’t broken, but it had a big cut and was sore for days.