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Getting All Biblical On Mom

, , , , , , | Related | February 3, 2018

(My mum wants to buy an iPad mini. She plans to get an e-reader and Bible app, so she doesn’t have to carry her heavy Bible to church anymore. She is in her 70s, and not computer-savvy at all, so she takes me with her. Even though I’ve reassured her a couple of times already that the iPad can get a Bible app onto it, she is still asking me. This happens when we are in the store as the sales guy is talking to us.)

Mum: *to the sales guy* “Now, you’re certain that this can have the Bible on it?”

Sales Guy: “Oh, for sure. It’s easy to download. You can get many other fun apps, too, if you like puzzles, or even some brain training stuff.”

Mum: “Hmm, okay, if you’re certain. I’ll get it.”

Sales Guy: “Excellent. If you follow me to the front, we can get that sorted out for you.”

Mum: *to me as we reach the counter* “So, you’re absolutely su—”

(Having gotten annoyed, I kind of snap at her.)

Me: “Yes, I’m freaking sure. Hell, I can probably download twelve different Bibles in eight different bloody languages, if you want!”

(The sales guy rang us up while trying really hard not to laugh. I did apologise. I got the app onto the iPad when we got home, and Mum was super happy when I told her I found a free section for romance and mystery ebooks online. We were talking about that day a few days ago, and she said she doesn’t know why she continued asking.)

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