Getting A Pizza His Mind, Part 3

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In my grocery store, you’re able to order a fresh pizza and have it ready to be paid for within fifteen minutes. They’re actually quite good. On Fridays, we have a pizza sale and usually see about eighty to ninety pizzas throughout the day. It’s hectic and messy, but it’s our job.

With that said, we have one customer who calls to order a pizza frequently. He knows our sales and he knows how long it takes for us to make his order. He decides to call about ten minutes before we shut down the pizza ovens on a Thursday night, so technically, we still have to make his order. He orders five veggie pizzas with his usual group of toppings.

My coworker and I both work on the pizzas and have his order done within a half-hour, given some of his toppings we don’t have in the back yet. We place it on top of the oven to keep warm as we wait for him to pick it up. Eight pm rolls around and he hasn’t shown up. After my coworker assures me that she can take care of the pizzas, I walk out to clock out of my shift for the night.

The next day, the coworker who helped me is there looking beyond annoyed.

Me: “How did last night go?”

Coworker: “So… you left at eight, right? He didn’t show up until nine! I had the ovens on most of that time to keep the pizzas warm until he came, and he still complained that they were too cold!”

Me: “Oh? Yikes… I know it’s not as fresh as straight out of the oven, but we did tell him how long it’d take.”

Coworker: “Yeah, well, he told me that he was in a huge car accident on his way here and I guess I’m just wondering why he wasn’t in the hospital if he was, or why getting a pizza was his first thought. But that’s not my biggest issue. Did you hear him say anything about cheesy crust?”

Me: “Uh… no? He didn’t mention anything about—”

Coworker: “Yeah, apparently, he wanted us to stuff cheese into the crust. I don’t know how the h*** to do that! Not without destroying the dough we have! So he threatened to report you for screwing that up. But that’s not the best part.”

Me: “There’s a better part aside from being threatened to be reported?!”

Coworker: “He demanded we give him the sale price, even though it was Thursday! I told him that that sale was only on Fridays. He told me that no, I didn’t know what I was talking about, and he says that it was during the weekend. I told him that no, it was Fridays. He eventually took the pizzas with their actual price but not before telling me I should be fearing for my job.”

Me: “He knows when the Friday sale is, though?”

Coworker: “Yeah, well. He just wanted a few extra bucks off his pizzas and I wasn’t going to give it to him for that. If I were you, I’d talk to [Store Manager] about that, though, just in case he did report you to them.”

I did talk to them, explaining what happened and what my coworker told me, and they understood. As far as I know, I’m good… and we wondered if he would order another pizza tonight just for the sake of the sale. He didn’t.

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Getting A Pizza His Mind

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