Has No Reservations About Having No Reservations

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I work as a host at a fine-dining restaurant in a four-star hotel. This leads a lot of guests to make reservations for our dining area, along with private rooms that we have for business meals. I get a call from a woman asking about her reservation.

Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [Restaurant]. My name is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Hi, I’d like to check on a reservation I made in August for private room #3.”

Me: “Sure! What is the name the reservation is under and what day in August?”

Caller: “It’s [Caller], and I forgot what day it is, so I want you to tell me.”

Me: “Okay, do you have an idea of what week it is, or maybe towards the beginning or end of the month, or even if you made it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?”

Caller: “No, I need you to tell me what day and time it is!”

I’m starting to think about how terribly long this will take in order to check all thirty-one days in August looking for her name.

Me: “I could also make a reservation for any day in August that you would like instead of one that may not still be convenient for you.”

Caller: *Starting to get agitated* “No! It’s one reservation! You should be able to find this.”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, it will take a moment for me to find your reservation.”

Caller: “Why?! It’s one f****** reservation! Someone as simple as you should even be able to find it in seconds!”

Unfortunately, we have to stay on the phone for guests and if they become too difficult, then we get a manager. I have dealt with worse.

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, I have to look through all thirty-one days of August for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your reservation. This will take a few minutes, but I should be able to find it for you.”

Caller: “What the h*** is wrong with you?! It’s one reservation! I can’t believe this; I should be off the phone already with my reservation information!”

The woman continues to rant, curse, and yell at me over the phone for the next few minutes while I look through reservations. I can’t find her name anywhere.

Me: “Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find your reservation. However, I’m more than happy to make one for you for any day you would like!”

Caller: “No! I know I made a reservation; you should be able to find it. I don’t want to make another reservation!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I can’t help you with anything else if you don’t want to make a reservation, but I can forward you to my manager if you would like!”

Caller: “Don’t you dare forward me to someone else. This is your job, so you should do it! Now tell me when I made this reservation!”

Thankfully, my manager walks by and I happily hand the phone to him with a warning about the woman. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want a person this rude and crude in my restaurant, but he has a very different opinion. While my manager is talking on the phone with the crazy woman, I can still hear her screaming, cursing, and yelling the exact same things to him that she said to me. Throughout this all, my manager keeps surprisingly calm and is able to persuade her to make a reservation before the call ends.

Manager: “You know, after all these years, I didn’t think my bachelor’s degree in acting would amount to much, but it was really helpful today. She was f****** crazy, but it’s nice to know I still got it!”

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