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General Managers Are Generally Annoying

, , , , | Working | April 16, 2020

This happens on Black Friday weekend when we are expected to be slammed with customers. However, this weekend ends up being one of the best weather-wise weekends we’ve seen since August; therefore, everyone who should be shopping is out enjoying the weather. Well, everyone except the thirty employees who were scheduled and our general manager who has decided to make a “surprise” visit.

Our general manager usually will walk around and then leave after about 45 minutes or so. This time, he stays. And stays. 

We only have the employees in the store, and we have absolutely no customers, but we have to “look busy” because our general keeps wandering around. Because he is there, we aren’t able to send anyone home, even though had it been a normal day we would have sent about ten of us home. 

He finally leaves after being there for nine hours, and as soon as he leaves the parking lot, our managers tell those of us who are close to getting off to leave.

On the plus side, we all did get paid to gossip all day long, but it made for a very long day. The negative was that our general manager’s constructive criticism was that we should all be cleaning when we have downtime.

Corporate definitely has no clue how we are run.