Failed The Credit Check

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(Our store has its own credit card. Every cashier has a target of getting one person to sign up for the credit card each shift. The cash supervisor gets on us if we go too long without getting any, and often uses a certain coworker as an example because she always gets multiple sign-ups per shift. I try everything, even paying close attention to the things this coworker says, and parroting them to my customers. And yet, I can never hit my company-mandated target of one per shift, let alone get the amount my coworker gets. One day, I am discussing this with another coworker, who has been “moved up” to working at the returns desk.)

Coworker: *rolling her eyes* “Oh, I know how she does it.”

Me: “Oh?”

Coworker: “I have had so many people come up to me wanting to cancel their credit cards because they thought she was signing them up for the points card. She offers them the credit card, and when they say no, offers the points card. If they say yes to that, then she uses the credit card form, instead.”

(I doubt this was legal, but the store was due to close in less than a year at that point, anyway. Makes me wonder if the supervisor knew but didn’t care, because it kept our numbers up.)

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