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Dinner Has Been Disabled

, , , , | Working | January 2, 2019

(I’m disabled and mainly stay home. I order a lot of delivery because it’s easier than trying to get my wheelchair out to the bus stop. I order fast food through a third-party delivery company with no problems, until the delivery guy comes to the door. When I open it and he sees me in my wheelchair, he makes a face.)

Delivery Guy: “I’m not allowed inside a residence. Can you come closer?”

(I look down. My front wheels are literally right up against the edge of the door.)

Me: “I’m as far forward as I can get without being outside. And it’s not coming in if you just hand it to me.”

(He’s two steps away from me.)

Delivery Guy: “I can’t break policy.”

(I have to back up and push myself through the doorframe. He practically dumps the bag of food on me and walks down the ramp. I give him an appropriate review through the company. Later, I get a call.)

Caller: “Hi, is this [My Name]?”

Me: “Who’s this?”

Caller: “I’m [Caller] from [Third-Party Delivery Company]. This is regarding your order from [Restaurant].”

Me: “Oh, yeah. The driver was really rude about giving me the food.”

Caller: “We reached out to him and he claimed you tried getting him to go into the house, which is against company policy.”

(I briefly explain what happened.)

Caller: “I see. We’ll talk to the driver again to confirm.”

(I later got my order refunded and an apology from the company.)

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