Driving A Hard Bargain

, , , | Related | June 10, 2014

(My husband and I decide to surprise our families and drive 1,100 miles to visit them the weekend after Mother’s Day. I have my dad get my siblings together that weekend for a ‘late Mother’s Day celebration’ so I can see everyone. We have already arrived and surprised our moms, but our siblings don’t know yet. I call my sister to find out her schedule for the next day.)

Me: “So, do you have any big plans this weekend?”

Sister: “Well, I work tomorrow, and then on Sunday I’m spending the whole day with Mom and [Brothers] for a Mother’s Day celebration, since Mom worked last weekend.”

Me: “Oh, that sounds like fun.”

Sister: *jokingly* “Yeah, you guys should come!”

Me: “Ha ha. Yeah, we’ll get right on that. It’s kind of a long drive…”

Sister: *still joking* “Well, if you start now, you should be here in time!”

Me: *to [Husband]* “[Sister] wants us to come up and visit this weekend.”

Husband: “I’ll only do it if I get to eat [Restaurant].”

(The restaurant is local and his favorite.)

Sister: “Tell him I’ll buy him some [Restaurant] if you guys come.”

Me: “All right. Well, we’ll talk it over and get back to you. We love you. Good night!”

(Five minutes later, we arrive at my sister’s door.)

Sister: *flabbergasted* “Wha… What?! What are you… You’re not getting [Restaurant]!”

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