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Drink And Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die

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(My daughter is hanging out with her aunt in the living room as I finish some up some work in the other room. My daughter is making fake food and drinks.)

Daughter: “Here’s your drink. Enjoy!”

Aunt: “Oh! That was yummy!”

Daughter: “Good, because you just drank your death.”

Aunt: “Did you just poison me?”

Daughter: “Yes. Please die now.”

Aunt: “But I’m not ready to die!”

Daughter: “I asked nicely!”

Me: “Well, she did at least ask nicely.”

Aunt: “You do know your uncle will avenge me rig—” *falls over on the couch pretending to be dead*

Daughter: “That worked well.” *covers her aunt with a blanket*

Me: “I’m going to have to talk to your father about what is being watched at his house.”

Aunt: “Remind me to never take real food or drinks from her.”

Me: “Agreed.”

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