Charged With Charged Cheese

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(I like to go to a fast food place close to work for lunch. I normally order a ham and swiss sandwich with extra swiss, and I’ve never been charged for the extra cheese until this particular visit. After looking at my receipt and noticing the extra $1.00 charge, I park my car and run inside.)

Me: “Hey. I was just in your drive-thru, and I noticed an extra $1.00 charge.”

Employee: “Yes, that’s for the extra cheese you ordered on your sandwich.”

Me: “Okay, but I’ve come here several times and have ordered the same thing. I’ve never been charged for it. Is this something new that you have to charge for?”

Employee: “No, it’s a charge we have for extras. We still have to make some money back; we can’t just give away extra toppings.”

Me: “I understand that. My question is, why am I just now being charged for this? I’ve never been charged for extras. I’ve probably had the same sandwich here about ten times. Why didn’t the cashier tell me before he charged me?”

Employee: “Well, ma’am, I can fix that for you right now.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Employee: *pushing a couple buttons* “You’ll be owing us $11.16 today. Will you be paying in cash or card?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Employee: “You said you’ve had about ten sandwiches, all with extra cheese. A dollar for extra cheese for ten sandwiches, plus tax, comes out to be $11.16.”

Me: “I am not paying for that.”

Employee: “I don’t know how else you’d like me to resolve your issue.”

Me: “Just forget it.” *I start to leave*

Employee: *shouting after me* “Ma’am, you still owe us $11.16.”

Me: “No, I don’t. I’ll leave it alone this time, but next time you need to warn your customers about extra charges.”

Employee: “If you don’t pay now, I’m calling the police! You’ll go to jail!”

(I walked out of the building, and was written up for clocking back in late. I went to that fast food chain one more time, and once again was not charged for extra cheese on my sandwich.)

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