Cashier: Refund Thyself

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(I am out shopping in a clothing store find four items I like. I decide to buy them and even make small talk with [Cashier #1] — and [Cashier #2] who is right next to her — as she completes the sale. On my way out, the alarm goes off and the security girl finds that [Cashier #1] forgot to remove one of the security tags from a shirt. As I have worked as a cashier, I know how easily something like this can happen, and go back so they can remove it.)

Me: “Hey, you forgot to take the safety tag off one of my items.” *smiling, presenting both my bag of purchases and my receipt*

Cashier #1: *without looking at my receipt* “Yeah, that happened because you never paid me for that.”

Me: “Actually, I did, about two minutes ago. You can also scan the item and my receipt to make sure.”

Cashier #1: “No, I remember you.”

Me: *thinking she actually remembered on her own* “So, how about getting the tag so I can go?” *still smiling*

Cashier #1: “I remember you. You never paid for this. Now give it back before I call the police on you for stealing!”

Me: *starting to feel embarrassed, as she accused me of stealing in a shop full of people* “Could you just take one look at my receipt? I paid for all my purchases; you were the one who rang me up!”

Cashier #2: “She is right, [Cashier #1]; you rang up that shirt. I was right next to you and I saw her paying.”

Cashier #1: “No, she didn’t! What are you trying to do, [Cashier #2]? Help her steal? I bet that everything she wears is either stolen or secondhand!”

(I am kind of underdressed today, wearing jeans and a hoodie. I usually wear business clothes, but I am just out to run some errands.)

Cashier #2: “[Cashier #1]! You can’t say that! And you can’t be rude to our customers! Now take a look at her receipt and remove the d*** tag!”


(The manager appears to see why there is yelling at the checkout lines.)

Manager: “What is the matter here?”

Cashier #1: *smirking* “No big deal. This b**** tried to steal a shirt and wasn’t happy that I stopped her!”

Me: *already crying from embarrassment* “I never stole anything! You accused me, insulted me, and refused to look at my receipt!”

Cashier #2: “It’s true, [Manager]. The lady has paid for her shirt; I can confirm that.”

Manager: “Miss, may I see you receipt, please?”

Me: “Yes.” *hand over receipt and bag* “You can also check I don’t have another one in there.”

(The manager checks the bag, the receipt, and the shirt.)

Manager: *probably trying to smooth out the situation* “Well, it seems like there was a misunderstanding. I am terribly sorry about all this. [Cashier #1], this lady has paid for all her purchases, just the cashier who rang her up forgot to take off this tag. You should always check the receipt before making accusations! Now, miss, do you remember who your cashier was? I must remind her to double-check for tags.”

Me: “Yes, it was [Cashier #1].”

Manager: *furious now* “Please let me get this straight, [Cashier #1]. You rang her up and you forgot to remove a tag. And when she came back, you accused her of stealing the item and insulted her. Is this true?”

Cashier #1: “I… erm… Well, look at her! She looks like a d*** [Romani slur]!”

Manager: “[Cashier #1]! OFFICE! NOW! Miss, we are terribly sorry for all this.”

Me: “I accept your apologies, but can I ask you for a favour, sir?”

Manager: “Of course!”

Me: “Could you make out a gift card to [Cashier #2]? Honestly, she is your best cashier. She stood up for me to [Cashier #1], and got yelled at by [Cashier #1] for me. I really want to thank her.”

Manager: “Of course, miss!”

(I never saw [Cashier #1] there again, but I see [Cashier #2] when I shop there and she recently got promoted to manager!)

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