Captain Cranky Can’t Face The Music

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I am a singer in a duo. My partner and I are performing at a low-key music festival which many locals attend and where we are well-received. One old man, in particular, seems to be enjoying himself, loudly and tunelessly singing along with choruses. We encourage audience participation, so it’s not a problem. However, after maybe the second song of our set, he approaches us.

Old Man: “Could you let me have a microphone for a few minutes? You’ll be glad you did!”

My partner and I exchange glances at this odd request but try to keep things light.

Partner: “I’m not sure. We’re a little pressed for time as it is.”

This is completely true.

Me: “No promises; we’ll see what happens!”

Old Man: “Thanks so much! Everyone calls me ‘Captain Cranky.’ Just say, ‘And now a word from Captain Cranky!’”

We continue our set, hoping that this will be the end of it. However, after EVERY SINGLE SONG, the man shouts, ‘And now a word from Captain Cranky!’ or in some other way loudly asks to come to the microphone. After ignoring him for four or five songs and wondering why the staff at the festival hasn’t done anything, I decide to end the matter.

Me: “I’m so sorry, but we’re not going to have time.”

Old Man: “But these are my friends! I want to talk to them! This is my crowd!”

Yes, he is seriously arguing with a musician during her set at a festival.

Me: *Still trying to be nice* “I’m sure it is, but this is our set.”

Old Man: *Loudly* “Oh, that wasn’t very nice! That wasn’t very nice at all! I just wanted a few minutes!”

We finish the set uninterrupted. I later spoke to one of the staff members, who apologized for not being more attentive. Apparently, the staff did end up letting the old man get up and speak between sets, but I have no idea what he said. I later heard from my husband who was in the audience that other audience members were looking at each other and clearly felt uncomfortable with the man’s rude behavior.

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