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Can’t Recognize A Good Sign

, , , | Right | October 10, 2018

(In the hotel where I work we have a lot of staff from different companies. Management implemented a rule where only English is to be spoken in public areas so customers don’t feel uncomfortable. [Guest #1], a man, and [Guest #2], a woman, who are not together, are waiting to check in. [Guest #1] hands me a piece of paper with his name, reservation number, and a note explaining that he is deaf.)

Me: *signing* “Do you speak sign language?”

Guest #1: *nodding and smiling happily* “Yes, thank you! I’d like to check in”

(I go through the check in procedure and explain the various facilities to [Guest #1] and notice that [Guest #2] has left. A few minutes later, [Guest #2] storms up to the desk with the hotel owner.)

Guest #2: “That’s her! She was the one who was talking about me in another language! She and her friend were pointing and laughing at me and I couldn’t understand them!”

Owner: “Is this true? I didn’t even know you could speak any other languages.”

Guest #2: “Well, she’s obviously been lying to you so she can talk about people without them knowing it. I expect my room to be free for this humiliation.”

Me: *whispering to owner* The guest that checked in before her is deaf. I was signing to him explaining the layout of the hotel. The only pointing I did was towards the restaurant and bar. He was laughing because he was happy he had someone to explain the area to him.”

Owner: *to [Guest #2]* “Miss, they were speaking sign language. They weren’t–”

Guest #2: *shrieking* “I know! I’m not an idiot! They shouldn’t have been talking about me!”

Owner: “They weren’t–”

Guest #2: “Stop it! Stop lying to me to protect yourselves! I know what I heard!”

Owner: “Miss, you’re either going to have to calm down and apologize to my receptionist or leave”

Guest #2: “F*** YOU!”

(The woman then stormed out of the hotel, got in her car, and sped out of the car park, knocking over a lamppost! Luckily we had her card details on her reservation and were able to charge her for damages. [Guest #1], however, really enjoyed his stay and wrote a lovely long letter to the owner thanking me and saying he’ll be back!)

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