Bullying Under Lab Conditions

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In my high school, all the science classrooms are on the same block with a massive hallway connecting all of them which hold equipment, emergency supplies, etc. Only the teachers are allowed down it except for emergencies, so it is known to students as the Forbidden Hall.

One day my class is doing a lab. My teacher is notorious for being absent-minded and missing out on the stuff going around his classroom. This is junior year, and since I am a crazy tomboy and I don’t have a boyfriend, I have become the target of ridicule and bullying, especially during labs, since our teacher is extra distracted by helping students and doesn’t notice the bullies. One of the bullies thinks it’ll be a great prank to throw a heavy history textbook at my head as a “prank.” Of course, the teacher doesn’t notice.

But my lab partner does, and he’s sick of these “pranks.” Before the bully can retrieve his history book, my lab partner picks it up and carries it to the Forbidden Hall. He looks left, looks right, then slides the history book all the way down the hall with surprising strength; it slides to a halt about five classrooms away. He then quietly goes back to our lab as if nothing ever happened.

The bully sneers at my lab partner and goes to retrieve his book, but our teacher, who noticed nothing of this exchange, is suddenly acutely aware of someone trying to enter the Forbidden Hall.

“[Student], you know you’re not allowed in there.”


“No buts. Finish your lab.”

The student tries several more times during lab, but never gets past the teacher. When the bell rings, I leave for my next class with a grin on my face. I have no idea if the bully got his book back, but one glare from my friend stopped him ever throwing books at my head again.

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