An Interesting Thing To Wear On Your Head

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My roommate has spent the week learning a new version of a favorite game. Her brother has also been playing. I’m watching her because there’s nothing better to do during quarantine and because I’ve been thinking about getting the system and game for myself. She’s just been given a present and opened it. I am, admittedly, not paying full attention.

Roommate: “I got a pile of fat!”

Me: “What?”

Roommate: *Opening her inventory* “A pilot’s hat! Oh, cap. Whatever. I’m going to send it to [Brother]!”

Me: “Yes! It’ll match his goggles. But I legitimately heard ‘pile of fat’ and I was so confused!”

I have no idea how I heard “pile of fat,” but I definitely did and it made absolutely no sense. I hope her brother likes the hat!

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