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A Catalog Of Errors, Part 10

, , | Right | November 9, 2022

Around 2013, we were well-known for our large catalogs. That’s right. We were well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, but d*** it if we weren’t going to mail each and every single one of our past customers a four-hundred-plus-page catalog full of consumer electronics.

One year, the powers that be decided to put out a sourcebook on top of the catalog. It had a wealth of information on every single product we had in a certain, specialty, professional product category. It had little tips and tricks of the trade and suggestions and it was written by highly knowledgeable industry veterans. It came in two volumes of well over eight hundred pages each.

A lady came into the store, yelling at us:

Customer: “You’re clogging up my mail slot with your waste of paper!”

She practically threw the box with the sourcebooks at me because, of course, we had to mail them out in boxes. I apologized abjectly, groveling before her, promising we wouldn’t send her any more crap in the mail. Anything to stop the yelling.

The best part? She stormed out before I could get her name and address, and the address label on the box had been torn off, so I had no idea who exactly I was supposed to take off the mailing list.

I wonder what happened a few months later when the new catalog showed up.

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