A Catalog Of Errors, Part 8

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I am working at a large national chain that has been in the process of closing most of its stores for some time. A woman comes in with a large printed catalog, the kind which hasn’t been printed for many years. She proceeds to give me this long, drawn-out story about coming to an aunt’s funeral and helping to go through her belongings and running across this old catalog.

Customer: “…and when I saw this in the catalog, I knew it was just what I wanted, and the price is so reasonable!”

Me: “Ma’am, that catalog is from the early 1960s, and almost nothing in that catalog would even be available at all anymore, and if it is, it certainly would not be at those prices.”

Customer: *Suddenly irate* “Yes, you do have this. It’s in the housewares section; it’s a very common item — a kind of toaster. I want it and I want it at this price.”

She shoves the catalog in my face.

Me: “Well, I can take you over to housewares and you can see if it is available, but again, it certainly wouldn’t be at that price even if we have it. That catalog is almost fifty years old and prices have gone up considerably since it was printed.”

Customer: “Then that’s false advertising. You will sell it to me at that price. I want to see your manager!”

The manager for that department comes over; he is a quite elderly gentleman himself. I explain the situation to him, with constant interruptions from the woman.

Manager: “Ma’am, as I recall, having worked at this particular store since the early sixties, this item had many safety issues, there was a national recall because it would overheat, and there were several fires started because of it. It ceased production in about 1965 or so; I can’t remember exactly when. So, no, that item is no longer available, nor will it ever be available. We do have several new models with similar features, but also with newer prices.”

Customer: “That’s false advertising! It’s in the catalog! You must give it to me, and give it to me at this price!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I will let you look for it on the shelves, and if you can find it, i will let you have it at that advertised price.”

Customer: “Oh, like that’s going to happen, I know your kind; you keep all the good stuff in the back for yourself. No wonder this store is going down the hole! I’ll be glad when all of you are out of a job and this store folds up just like [Former Competitor] did!”

With that, she quickly glances at the toaster products on the shelf, muttering about the lack of quality of each and the high prices. She storms out of the store.

Manager: “I wonder where she has been for the past fifty years?”

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