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A Catalog Of Errors, Part 7

, , , , | Right | April 1, 2020

(I work as a sales rep for a well-known catalogue company. The job involves posting out catalogues and collecting them along with any orders a few days later. The order forms have my contact details on and state which day I will be calling.)

Me: “Hi, I’m the local [Company] sales rep. I’m here to collect your catalogue.”

Woman: “I left it for you, and you didn’t collect it, and so I threw it in the bin, because you didn’t say when you were coming to get it, so it’s in the bin.”

Me: “I believe it said I would be collecting on Thursday.”

Woman: “Well, it didn’t! Look, I’ll show you!”

(She goes off to rummage in her bins and brings me back the catalogue and order form.)

Woman: “There, see?! It doesn’t say Thursday; it only says, ‘[My Name]’!”

Me: “It says it right there.”

(I point to where Thursday is ticked on the sheet.)

Woman: “Well, I didn’t read that!”

Me: “Okay, then. Bye.”

(She scampered away.)

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