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I go to a drive through and order a sandwich, no tomatoes. I make double sure there are no tomatoes as I can’t stand raw tomatoes. I get my food but no straw. I need a straw because I get the hiccups easily unless I have a drink. I go to the front door to get a straw but its locked because its getting late. The employees behind the counter pretend not to see me so I walk through the drive through and get a straw. I leave and unwrap my sandwich. Of course it has tomatoes on it. I would pick them off but they’re super juicy and I can still taste the tomato. I turn around and wait in the drive through. It takes 20-25 min as there are a lot of cars. I get to the window and I get the correct order and they give me a small fry for the hassle. “Can I have sweet and sour sauce with the fries?” “Sure.” I get my bag of food and drive home. I pull out my food and my sandwich has tomatoes on it and they gave me bbq sauce.

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