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(I have a name that used to be rather unusual. I’ve only met a handful of people with the same one. However, recently a pop singer with the same first name as me has become wildly popular, which while it has led to people being able to pronounce my name better, means that whenever I introduce myself people say, ‘Oh! Like [famous singer]!?’
It’s a little annoying, but this was the funniest example by far.)
Customer: *noticing my nametag* Oh! Your name is [My Name]!
Me: *already knowing where this is going* Yep! Got that one for my birthday.
Customer: Like [Famous Singer]!
Me: Mmmhmm…
Customer: Were you named after her?
(I pause for a full minute at this, trying to figure out a response that won’t sound snarky)
Me: Well… I was actually born a good few years earlier than she was sooo… no.
Guest: Oh. Well you look really young for your age! I thought you might have been!
(They happily wandered off, but I couldn’t help but think that the singer only became popular a few years ago, and is very young herself – anyone named after her is still probably figuring out their ABCs. I know I’m baby-faced – but not THAT baby-faced!
The worst part is, similar conversations have happened since then!)

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