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A few weeks ago, part of the celling in the main entrance to the library in my town fell down. Because of this that entrance has been blocked. The other entrances are open. There are big signs everywhere telling people that the library is open and to follow the signs to the other doors.
I’m sitting outside the library when an older man starts talking to me.

Older man: What time is it?
Me: It is just a few minutes after the eleven
Older man: When does the library open.
Me: The library is open. It opens at ten.
Older man: No, it isn’t. The door is locked.

The doors are of glass and there are a lot of windows there you can see people in the library. I can also see the people working on the fixing the celling.

Me: It is open. It is just this entrance. If you go to the other side, you will find another entrance.

The man left. In the wrong direction. Angry because “library isn’t open”. I look around there I am siting. I can see at least five signs from where I am sitting and know that its more on the way to the doors.

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