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Easily the dumbest lady I’ve ever had come through the drive thru

Me: Thank you for stopping at McDonalds. Order whenever you’re ready.

Customer: What kind of salads do you have?

Me: We have a bacon ranch salad, a southwest salad, and a side salad.

Customer: What comes on the bacon ranch salad?

Me: It has bacon, shredded cheese, and cherry tomatoes.

Customer: Where is your grilled chicken salad?

Me: The salads come with your choice of grilled ir crispy chicken, except for the side salads.

Customer: *rambles about grilled chicken some more* I’ll just have some of your chicken…circles.

Me: *dumbfounded* You mean chicken nuggets?

Customer: Yes. And a regular salad.

Me: *not sure what to do. Rings up side salad*

Customer: What comes on the side salad?

Me: It’s a smaller salad with tomatoes.

Customer: I don’t want tomatoes. I want the bacon and grilled chicken

Me: *getting angry* So you want a bacon ranch salad.

Customer: …never mind. Cancel the order. I don’t want anything.

Me: That’s fine.

Customer: I don’t want anything. Thank you.

Me: That’s fine *turns off head set* * screams*