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I work in a restaurant, and they order up at the registers. The cashiers make drinks or get pastries if needed, in addition to taking their orders. When making espresso drinks we’re supposed to ask what type of milk they want in their drink – whole milk, skim milk, or half & half. Normally things go just fine, but there are always the select few…

Customer: yeah can I get a latte please?

Me: Sure! Would you like whole milk or skim milk? (I don’t normally mention half & half because we run out rather quickly without using it in lattes)

Customer: Steamed.

Me: Yes I know it’s steamed, do you want whole or skim milk?

Customer: Steamed milk.

Me: Ma’am I know it’s steamed milk, latte milk is steamed. I’m asking the type of milk you want, whole fat milk, or no fat milk?

Customer: *realizes her mistake* uh…I said steamed, give me steamed milk.

Me: …of course.

I usually give them whole milk so I don’t continue the useless conversation.