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I go into work on my day off because I left my water bottle behind. When I come in I see a coworker arguing with a customer over a return.

Coworker: I’m sorry but earrings are final sale. It’s for hygienic reasons!

Customer: Are you calling me unhygienic? It’s too blue, I don’t like them! You said you’ll take back items after 14 days!

Coworker: Except for earrings. It’s right on the receipt.

Customer: It’s illegal for you to deny me a return!

Coworker: Actually it’s not. Companies can decide if they want to adopt a policy or not and [Company] policy says no returns on earrings. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.

The customer looks around for help and spots me. She doesn’t know I work there.

Customer: HEY YOU! *pointing at me* Do you hear this?

Me: Uh I really don’t want any part-

Customer: No, no. Tell this woman that she MUST take back my earrings.

Me: Really I’m just-

Customer: TELL HER!

Me: Okay *customer looks smugly back at my coworker* personally I wouldn’t want to buy those earrings knowing someone else took them home and probably wore them. She’s right to deny you a return.

Customer: Oh what do you know?

In the end, we had to call security to remove her from the store.

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