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(I used to work at a call center for a very popular streaming service. Most issues could be solved by power cycling the modem or router, unless the client has very slow internet connection)

Me: Thank you for calling [Streaming Service] This is Andy, how can I help?

Caller: Yeah I am trying to watch my show and your service does not work!

Me: I can certainly help with that, let me pull up the account by the email.

*She gives me the email and everything in the account appears to be in order*

Me: I see the account is fine, I can walk you through some trouble shooting so we can get this taken care of for you.

Caller: Sure but I already tried everything, and I know it’s you guys because my internet is perfect!

Me: No worries, we will find out what the issue is.

*After taking a few moments to troubleshoot, no luck she keeps getting a no connection error, but refuses to believe it is her internet*

Me: I am sorry ma’am seems like there might be something going on with the internet, have you called your internet service provider?

Caller: No because I know is not them!

Me: They could be having maintenance or an outage in that area, I recommend you call them as there is nothing else to try from our end.

Caller: FINE! But you have to stay on the line so you can see it is not my internet!

Me: Sure thing, I will stay on the line.

*She connects the calls and an automated message plays*

Automated Message: Hello thank you for calling, we are currently having a service outage in your area, sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Me: Uuuh ma’am it sounds like there is no internet service in your area at the moment. Anything else I can help with?

*I hear a lough SIGH and the caller hangs up…I immediately burst out laughing*

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