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(Roughly an hour before this customer walks up to my register, I was told by the manager to not do any more cash back as we we’re low on change. Note that I am a white woman in here early 20s and the customer is a black man in his late 30s to early 40s)

Customer: *holding up a debit card* Alright! Imma going to get cash back!
Me: I’m very sorry sir, but I cannot do cash back right now.
Customer: *looks at me as though he’s trying to hold back his anger, places both hands on the counter, rounds his shoulders while leaning forward, and tries to puff up really big at me and speaks in a snarl* Did this just now start?
Me: *remaining polite* No, sir. My manager told me not give any cash back about an hour ago.
Customer: *deflates and stands back up right* Oh…. *stands at my counter for about half a minute while I politely smile before turning to leave the store without buying anything*

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