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(I am about 8 weeks pregnant and have been very emotional and sick because of this. I’m still working and so far this morning has been very pleasant up until this customer comes through the drive through.)

Me: “Hello! Just cashing this check today?”

Customer: *very polite and sweet* “Yep, any bills are fine!”

*I pull the drawer in and immediately notice that the name on the check and the name on her ID are totally different. I check the back and notice the ‘pay to the order of’ and notice the check is for $700. The banks policy (and most other places) is to deposit all third party checks. If it’s $100 or under we sometimes make exceptions since our bank makes the first $100 of a check deposit available anyway.*

Me: “I’m sorry, unfortunately I can’t cash this check for you since it’s third party but it looks like you have enough to cover it so you can deposit it and then withdraw it immediately. The check itself should be available tomorrow.”

Customer: “What? That’s fucking ridiculous! Every other branch does it for me every time!”

Me: “I’m sorry. Either they’re making an exception because they know or they’re just breaking the rules, which could be bad for you because this check could get returned if we don’t handle it properly.”

Customer: *screaming now* “This is still fucking ridiculous! I can’t believe you’re being so unreasonable! Fucking stupid. Fine I’ll just do the deposit and withdrawal. Give me the fucking slips!”

Me: “Alright, here you are and I’ll fill out the deposit for you.”

*I give her the slips and she continues to scream about how fucking stupid I am and fucking ridiculous it is that I just won’t cash her fucking check. There are other customers inside the store so I shut the microphone off but she continues to screech and you can still very clearly hear her. At this point I’m shaking and trying to cry or scream at her and am debating about refusing to help her. I decide not to and just try to be as pleasant as possible from that point on. She gives the withdrawal slip back still screaming on and on at me while her passenger and the children in back all just stare at me sadly.*

Me: *Putting the money in the drawer* “There you are dear, I really hope your day gets better so you don’t act like this elsewhere.”

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