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(Note: I work for a well-known fast food franchise. My store is located WITHIN a Grocery/Clothing/Home SuperStore, which is 24 hours. Despite the fact that these employees wear black and lime green fleeces, and I wear pickle and brown shirt and slacks, as well as a hat, we often get mixed up. This was just before Christmas, while I was wearing my hi-vis jacket which has MY STORE NAME written on the back)

Me: *pushing a large cart of rubbish bags towards the employee-only doors at 12:30am*

Customer: Excuse me, where can I find quinoa?

Me: *mildly incredulous* I’m sorry, Miss, I don’t work here.

Customer: *glancing at my uniform* Quinoa? It’s a grain?

Me: I’m afraid I don’t know, Ma’am, as I don’t work for [SuperStore Company].

Customer: *exasperated* Well, you’ve just ruined Christmas, haven’t you! What sort of idiot doesn’t know where the quinoa is?!

Me: *pointing at a [SuperStore] Employee* The same kind who can’t tell the difference between employee uniforms.

[And then I continued pushing my giant cage of bins down to the yard. I’m pretty sure upper management got a complaint about the rude American who didn’t help this lady find quinoa, but hey, not my problem!]

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