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I work in a mall food court at a burger stand that sells gourmet hamburgers. Our prices are expensive (10$+ for combo meals) and we have prices listed on the menu, on the customer register screen, and we are required to verbally inform customers of prices. This exchange happens a minute after my cashier had rung up a teenage girls order. The girl and her friend approached me as I was cleaning the counter.
Girl’s friend: “uh, she ain’t want her food no more.”
Me: “has she received her food yet?”
Girl’s friend: “nah she just ain’t want it no more.”
(We’ve always had issues of people regretting how much they’ve spent, but once the order is placed we cannot refund them when there is nothing wrong with their order. We make food fresh to order and we do not like wasting our product).
Me: “if you look at the bottom of your receipt, you’ll notice that it says ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Your order will be up momentarily, thank you and have a good day”. And I turned away and continued cleaning.

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