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, | Unfiltered | July 20, 2020

A few years ago I used to travel between university and home, always the same trip. This time I took a slow train that stopped 5 times between those stations. I was sitting near one of the doors, which in this type of train are clearly visible from anywhere in the train. One of the two sets of doors was apparently broken and had big red stickers with ‘BROKEN’ on them. On 4 of the five stops, the platform was on the side of the broken doors. And this caused a perfect display of how silly humans can be.

At those 4 stations, 7 people tried to get through the broken doors despite the big stickers. One person realised after pressing the button of the door once that it was not going to work. Three others realised this fairly soon as well. Of the 3 remaining people, one finally rushed to a different door after frequent door button abuse, because she did have to get out. To a second, I had to gesture to the stickers before they realised what the problem was. And then there was number 3. This one took the cake. This person started hitting the door when it didn’t open, until someone finally told them that it was broken. This person then angrily stormed off to a different door, causing me and the other person to look at each other in sympathy of humanity’s possibility of stupidity.

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