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(I’m at work on a Sunday evening after unexpectedly being called in due to a completely booked schedule and shorthand of staff. It’s my last client of the night and she is a total pain. She complains about every little thing I do.)

Client: I do not like Swedish so please don’t use those techniques. I thought I was getting a male therapist.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I am not trained or certified in any massage modalities other than Swedish. I can perform deep pressure but that’s it. I really don’t know how to help you.

Client: Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault you can’t help me. It’s the people who scheduled the appointment who are at fault.

Me: (speechless and somewhat insulted by what she has been saying)

(Eventually the session ends and the client leaves with her entourage. I recommended to her that she go see my trainer at the massage clinic who specializes in pain management and has more experience than me. )

Me: (to the receptionist) Worst. Shift. Ever!

(I let out a giant scream in frustration that lasted fifteen seconds. I then cleaned up my room and stormed out. I was not in trouble for screaming since all the clients had left the building though. And yes, I still work there despite my insecurity and how hurt I was.)

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