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I volunteer at the front desk of a gym facility. Members scan their cards and I check the validity on the computer before granting them access. Sometimes members forget their cards but we are required to have them wait in line at the membership services desk so that the worker can enter their phone number into the system. We have a gate that I have to buzz open that keeps people from just walking into the actual facilities.

One day, it isn’t particularly busy but the worker at the membership services desk is setting up a membership and I am talking to the manager. A lady that I have seen only once or twice approaches the desk.

Me: Good morning!

Customer: *starts to say phone number but I interrupt her*

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t type in any phone numbers on this computer. If you could please wait in the line over there, my co-worker can type in your phone number when she is done helping those people.

Customer: You better type in my phone number right now!

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t actually type in-

Customer: You have to type in my phone number right now!

Me: I’m really sorry but this computer doesn’t allow me to-

Customer: If you don’t type in my phone number right now then I am going to jump over that gate right now!

At this point I had no idea what to do so I just look back at my manager.

Manager: I can help you over at one of those computers.

The customer and my manager walk over to the other end of the lobby while I help some other members. After a minute or so the customer walks back over. I smile at her as she approaches but she glares at me.

Customer: You can let me in, I’m not a hostage or should I say, terrorist.

I let the lady into the facility but am shocked and have no idea what she even meant.

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